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Accounting Service
Tax / Accounting
  • Accounting records are compulsory according to the Hong Kong Tax Law and Tax Bureau
  • Request by Tax Bureau
  • Management (management) award requirement
  • Request for funding (shareholder / banker)
  • Hong Kong individual or company tax returns are required on an annual basis, not on a monthly basis.
Corporate tax
Corporation Individual
16.5% (taxable net income over HKD 2,000,000)
8.25% (taxable profit less than HKD 2,000,000)
Tax return
세금 신고
Tax return

If it is a corporation, it shall report the first taxation in March or December within 18 months of establishment and the annual audit report.


고객사에 법인 회계 자료 요청

Request corporate accounting data from clients

법인 회계 리포트, 대차 대조표, 손익 계산서 작성

Corporate accounting report, balance sheet,
income statement

누락 회계 자료 재확인

Rechecking missing accounting information

연 감사 보고서를 위한 자료 정리

Organize data for annual audit report
Required documents
  • Bank statement
  • Expenses receipt (if any)
  • Sales Invoice
  • Stock List (if any)
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Financial report - Information on the use
Audit report
Audit report

Procedures to give credibility to financial statements through external experts (CPAs)

EXTRANS Consulting self-certified accountant

What is an accounting audit?
  • All incorporated companies established in Hong Kong are obliged to be audited on their financial statements. An audit is an opinion expressed about the financial statements prepared by the Company. For this reason, auditing should be performed by an independent and authorized accountant.
Why is auditing required?
  • Auditing is a legal requirement for all corporate companies in Hong Kong.
  • EXTRANS CONSULTING provides auditing through its own accountant.