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Bank Account

법인/개인 계좌 개설
Bank Account

Those who have completed the establishment of a corporation are required to open a bank account for practical operation. Hong Kong bank accounts are easy to trade on a variety of currencies, making it particularly easy to transfer funds into China.

Opening requirements
  • Companies registered in Hong Kong (private companies / corporations)
  • Offshore company such as BVI
Recommended banks
01Foreign banks
BOC(Bank Of China) OCBC
Bank Of China OCBC
02Korean banks
KEB하나 (KEB HANA) IBK기업 (Industrial Bank of Korea)C
KEB Hana Bank Industrial Bank of Korea
Required documents
01Hong Kong Company documents
  • Private Information Director / Signer
  • Business plan
  • Company document (CI, BR, M&A, etc.)
02Parent company documents
  • Business Registration
  • Bank transaction history
  • Shareholders list
  • Business transaction documents (Invoice, contract paper)
L/C Account